With the T-Box, follow in real-time the thermal production of your installation

Is your hybrid solar DualSun installation up and running?  We present a useful monitoring tool that can be used to follow in real-time the thermal operation of your installation: the DualSun T-Box.  

The T-Box is easy to use: you just need to connect to your personal MyDualSun space to track your installation and make sure that everything is working properly.



For PV monitoring, inverter manufacturers often include a monitoring platform like Enphase’s Envoy platform or the Sunnyhome system from SMA.  You can track the photovoltaic production of your system using these platforms.


Real-monitoring of DualSun installations!

Installation-Minet-Isle-Sur-La-Sorgue DualSun_Installation_Altkirch_Particulier
Isle-sur-la-Sorgue – Var Altkirch – Haut Rhin


Thermal monitoring study of two DualSun installations conducted by engineering firm, Transénergie

DualSun asked engineering firm Transénergie to perform an in-depth study of the thermal performances of two DualSun installations near Lyon, France.  Check out the results below!

Download the study by clicking on the image below. 


For more information on this study, check out out the blog article.