DualSun, a customized and intelligent hybrid solar system

DualSun provides tools for simulation and monitoring to render each DualSun hybrid solar installation customized and intelligent.

Simulation: customized design of your DualSun hybrid solar installation

DualSun has developed an advanced modeling web application called DualSys.  Given a number of criteria regarding the project (orientation and angle of rooftop, heating needs,…), the DualSys application provides an instantaneous and detailed report defining DualSun installation: number of panels, configuration, the expected energy production, and economic benefits.  This allows the client or the installer to quickly and precisely customize a DualSun solution.

Monitoring: follow in real-time the energy production of your DualSun hybrid solar panels

Once the DualSun solar hybrid installation is complete, DualSun integrates a monitoring system to track the installation’s electric and thermal performance.  Using your computer or your mobile device, you can trace in real-time the temperature of the water in the panels, the heat generated, as well as the electricity production.  The monitoring system allows the end-user and installers to closely follow the system’s performance and compare real production to simulated production.  Moreover, the monitoring system can immediately identify and trace any maintenance issues.