Install DualSun panels in 4 steps


Here is a brief outline of the steps for installing a customized DualSun hybrid solar installation for your home.  The description is oriented towards a project in France, but the general guidelines can be applied to projects in other countries as well.


1. Request a detailed and personalized preliminary study


To evaluate the feasibility of your solar project, as well as production and economic benefits, you will first request a study.  You will then be directed to MyDualSun, our online modeling tool, that you can use to design a customized DualSun hybrid solar system for your home’s specific needs.  With MyDualSun, you will have a personalized access to perform multiple studies, without any commercial commitment.

2. Technical visit by a certified installer


Once you have completed your MyDualSun simulation and you would like to move forward with the installation, a technical visit will be performed by a certified installer.  The objective of the visit is to verify the general feasibility of the installation, taking into consideration in particular rooftop accessibility and rooftop shading.  DualSun will help you select the best installers in your region, to assure a safe and efficient hybrid solar installation.

3. Administrative process and installation


Before starting the installation, there are several necessary administrative steps to pursue, including an authorization from the town hall and a request for connecting the grid from ErDF.  For more details about the administrative process in France, see here.

You should expect a delay of 6 weeks for these administrative tasks, and DualSun and your installer will provide guidance to facilitate the process.  Once everything is ready, the installation can begin and should take from 1 day to several days.  We will work closely with you and the installers to ensure high quality standards and minimal disruption to your home and family.


4. Start generating solar-powered energy and monitor the performance of your system!


Once the DualSun solar hybrid system is installed and connected, you will immediately start generating electricity and hot water.  You can choose to consume your electricity locally or resell the electricity to the grid for a Feed-in Tariff.  In all cases, you will be producing and consuming your hot water locally.  With DualSun’s monitoring system, you will also be able to follow the performance of your panels. Little by little, your house will become a mini connected power station.