DualSun meets French president François Hollande
In preparation for COP21!

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180 DualSun panels installed
at Bouygues Construction headquarters

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The first panel in the world
to receive the new PV-T solar certification

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Smart solar panels for smart buildings

The DualSun solar panel is an advanced hybrid solar (PV-T) technology that produces simultaneously electricity (photovoltaic) and hot water (solar thermal).

The patented and award-winning technology offers a competitive and powerful energy solution that will transform our homes and buildings from energy consumers, to energy producers.

DualSun in the News

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From crumpets to croissants

  • 06/04/16

An English family moves to the South of France to find sunshine and…solar panels!  In July 2014, the Smith family moved from Yorkshire, England to the south of France to realize their dream: live minutes away from beautiful beaches and raise their children in a small, sunny village. In 2016, they decided to replace the old solar thermal panels that were already installed on their property with DualSun panels. Not only do the DualSun panels produce hot water (for domestic hot water needs and pool heating), but they also generate electricity for the household. And to top it all off, the Smiths’ DualSun installation is equipped with DualSun’s new hot water monitoring system, the T-Box!

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Solar interview with Jan Clyncke, Managing Director of PV Cycle

  • 12/11/15

Since 2008, Jan Clyncke has been the the Managing Director of PV Cycle, a pan-European organization for the treatment and recycling of photovoltaic waste.  Mr. Clyncke has a longtime experience in establishing mandatory take-back and recycling schemes, especially of packaging, tire, oil, electronic waste.   See more