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180 DualSun panels installed
at Bouygues Construction headquarters

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The first panel in the world
to receive the new PV-T solar certification

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Smart solar panels for smart buildings

DualSun Spring - Recto Verso 1The DualSun solar panel is an advanced hybrid solar (PV-T) technology that produces simultaneously electricity (photovoltaic) and hot water (solar thermal).

The patented and award-winning technology offers a competitive and powerful energy solution that will transform our homes and buildings from energy consumers, to energy producers.


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Become energy independent, become your own utility


DualSun in the News

Increasingly popular: Heat and power from the same roof (PVT technology)

Solar Heat Europe, April 30, 2018 : “Solar heat and solar electricity can make a good team: PV-Thermal (PVT) systems combine the production of both kinds of solar energy in one collector. This is a great advantage if roof space is limited. In the past few years, demand for this new type of solar technology has been growing. To support this upcoming market, the Solar Heating and Cooling Programme of the International Energy Agency (IEA SHC) launched a global research and communication project called “Task 60: Application of PVT Collectors and New Solutions in HVAC Systems.”

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The Zero Energy Pool by Supreme Heating – Febuary 1st

Supreme Heating, one of Australia’s most trusted pool heating companies announces the launch of its new two-in-one solar solution, Heatseeker DualSun, at the upcoming SPASA Pool & Spa Expo + Outdoor Living held at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre on 2-4 February 2018. See more

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Study comparing PV/T modules shows that DualSun has the best thermal performance!

  • 01/02/18

As we previously explained in this article, it is often difficult to compare the thermal performance of PV/T collectors because multiple conditions and parameters can affect the performance coefficients a0 and a1.

We are proud to present a study conducted by the CEA and Institut National de l’Energie Solaire (INES) where 4 PV/T solar hybrid panels were tested under the exact same conditions to determine their thermal performances.  The results show that DualSun comes out on top!

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